Conversation With Sober Mom Alyson Premo

Alyson Premo is the founder of Sober Mom Coach, Sober Mom Tribe – currently with over 24,000 followers on Instagram. She has proven to be a game changer in sobriety for mothers and her direct, non-apologetic approach to the problem with ‘mommy needs wine’ culture and the way she has approached her own sobriety has been with such a raw vulnerability and openness the has been inspiring to me and to thousands of mothers and families whose lives she is changing for the better.

At the time of this interview she was celebrating her 3year sober anniversary and has officially launched her Sober Mom Tribe Membership site .

She is currently working on her NLP Certification and Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification. She will also be launching her own podcast in January 2020 to address Sober Parenting.

Her current book recommendations (with links) are – My Fair Junkie, The Untethered Soul, Where the Craydad’s Sing

You can find her on Social Media

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