Conversation with Sofia Husnain of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise

Here’s my conversation with Sofia the founder of Healthy, Wealthy & Wise and a force of nature for health, wellness and empowering women.

Sofia Husnain was born in Pakistan and moved to the United States in 2001. She has a passion for service, and so choose nursing as her first career. She realized there were barriers that came with being an employee. Her pursuit of service while also achieving complete time and financial freedom led her into the entrepreneurial world. After silently suffering from her own health crisis, God led her to a company called Yoli where she experienced a complete health, emotional and financial transformation. She has now been a part of the Yoli family for 4 years and has made it a mission to provide free education to the community on health and provide them with the correct tools to get started. She has also started a community movement through her Healthy Wealthy and Wise platform where women get educated on health, wealth, legal and leadership topics and also become empowered and inspired to step into their greatness, discover their soul’s purpose and take on more leadership roles. Sofia lives in Aurora with her mom, husband and daughter.

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