Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation

Poetry by Mary Oliver, thoughts on a low energy day and a meditation practice based on forgiveness.

Traditionally, the Ho’oponopono prayer was used to heal relationships between two or more people. Each person would say the mantra to the other, beginning with “Please forgive me.” However, this prayer has evolved over time to include the relationship we have with our own self. It can be a powerful tool for coming back into wholeness.

If it feels as if one part of you hates, judges, or demeans another part, this can help to bridge those inner divides.

Whatever your intention is, whether to work on yourself or relationship with another, the prayer assists in clearing the energy of past hurts and traumas. In Hawaiian culture it is believed that withholding forgiveness leads to disease and disharmony. In many ways this prayer loosely translates as “to make right again.” It involves a simple mantra:

Please forgive me
I’m so sorry
I love you
Thank you

It doesn’t matter if you seek to forgive someone or you are seeking more self-love and healing, the mantra works for all situations. The words are a way of clearing energy for the person saying the prayer. No matter who was involved or what happened, this will remove the associated energies on your end.

It’s a way of saying to the Universe, “I no longer allow these dark and heavy energies to live in my body or my lifestream.”

This isn’t something you would use in order to get another person to apologize to you, but rather a way to heal yourself, to choose your happiness and lightness above all else. If another person chooses to receive your intentions for resolution, higher perspective and an increase in love rather than hate, then they will act in a way that’s right for them.

You may never know that your prayer reached them, as they may choose not to say something, but instead will go forward with greater love and forgiveness in their hearts. It’s entirely up to them, and that is why it’s important you use this prayer for your own healing first and foremost. The best thing is for us to focus on our own soul care and growth and let the Universe/God take care of the rest. This will help the energy to stay the most open and free following.

Once you use this prayer you may find it has an onion layer effect, peeling back the layers that need healing until you find a new and lighter energy fills your life. This may happen in an instant, and I find the best way to move through the healing and transformation quickly is to expect nothing but be open to anything.

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