Ruth Day is a Recovery Coach and Addictions Educator with over 13 years of sobriety. Ruth knows the journey of recovery and how to stay on the path. She understands the obstacles and challenges.

As a speaker, she is candid, humorous, authentic and a powerful storyteller. She inspires those questioning their substance use to fully embrace a path of wellness, to discover their own self-worth and to live from a place of authenticity. Ruth will teach you how to live without the mask because she is also doing it.

In addition to her life experience, Ruth has degrees in Biology and Nursing, as well as certifications in Trauma-Informed Yoga (Y12SR – Yoga for 12 Step Recovery), Life Coaching, Yoga as Integrative Medicine, and a 500-hr Yoga Teacher Training.

As a Recovery Coach, Ruth brings health, balance, joy, and healing into the lives of those who battle with addiction. She is able to use her personal experience combined with her scientific background to help clients work through the shame and fear of dealing with this pervasive and devastating illness. Ruth offers a different perspective, of whole-person recovery that does not subscribe to one path or program. Each program is created for the specific individual to overcome their unique obstacles.

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